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Educational programs
leading to the successful transition to kindergarten

Our Pre-Kindergarten program is developed around the strong belief that above all learning should bring joy.  Our fundamental goal is to instill in our students a successful approach towards learning.  We encourage each student to become a confident and engaged learner who is excited and empowered by their education.

Our educators have designed a program that allows your child to build on their personal abilities while teaching them to participate in a kindergarten setting.  Our classroom is set up in a manner where our students are invited to explore their environment, ask questions and search for answers. We value the idea that children should be in control of their education and teachers can be facilitators in their learning experience.

Our mission is to inspire our students to build connections and relationships and to encourage positive interactions, supporting the children through conflicts when they arise.

The bilingual program design is integral to all activities throughout each day.  The principal focus of languages used is French and English with the introduction of cultural elements coming from all our children’s international backgrounds adding to the learning opportunities.

With this educational approach we have designed different learning centres around our classroom that explore different areas of development (language, mathematical reasoning, science, creative arts). Our learning centres are thoughtfully developed with our students’ interests and needs in mind.

Your child will gain independence and confidence while preparing for the transition to kindergarten with a more focused curriculum and organized environment.  Our dedicated educators will continue a quality partnership with parents making their child's senior year at Park Place special and the best it can be.

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​​​Our preschoolers' improved coordination, thinking and reasoning begins to open up a new world  for them.  The main mandate of our educators is to plan varied activities that promote the overall development of the child.  The proposed activities are usually aimed at children aged 3 to 5 but sometimes even our youngest children can be ready for the implementation of the educational program that allows them to develop new skills.

A free or proposed activity can both enable the child to acquire new skills in one or more dimensions of the child's development (emotional, social, moral, cognitive, language, physical, motor, group life).  The proposed activities can also be an opportunity to consolidate the skills already acquired by the child.  Our educators work with our families to introduce, encourage and practice new social skills.

At this stage, our educators help to facilitate the child’s best developmental potential and focus on the acquisition of certain attitudes and abilities that precede academic learning.  We help our preschoolers develop greater independence and problem solving skills.

We offer children a model of imitative behaviour in order to enable them to develop an awareness of the global values of our society.  We strive to present them with a social model that values respect for others.  We help children feel what others feel by letting them put words on emotions.  We teach children to value tolerance, non-racism and non-sexism through everyday experiences. 

​Our program introduces each element in a natural sequence to nurture learning one step at a time, with individual attention suited to your child's unique needs. ​​

Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten Educational Programs