Every child is unique

and we believe that

success and growth

come from


and praise.

Every child is unique

Garderie Park Place

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Garderie Park Place

A partnership from the start

introduces development

and learning innovation

in the lives of our Park Place families.

It is a dedicated collaboration between parents, educators

and the community.

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Our educators nurture

each child's natural strengths.

They focus on building

every child’s self esteem and confidence through positive feedback  

and positive reinforcement.

Our curriculum

is thoughtfully designed

by our educators.

It is then customized further

for each child.

A key goal is to inspire their enthusiasm 

for life-long learning.

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​​A child

sees the world

around them with wonder and awe.

We believe in encouraging

each child's natural curiosity.

Children are the primary agents

of their development.

Our educators provide guidance

and stimulating opportunities

to benefit their development

as they learn most effectively

through play. 

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