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This is an important decision for you and your child.  Park Place Daycare is a private educational daycare with advanced programs for preschool and pre-kindergarten. We will  guide you through the Revenu Quebec Tax Credit for Childcare Expenses program so that you can discover how a Park Place education is the right fit for your family.

Parents can take full advantage of all allowable Quebec refundable tax credits (tax credits range between 26% and 75%). The tax credits can be requested in advance in monthly installments from Revenu Québec. 

The tax credit for childcare expenses is one of the tax measures intended for families. The tax credit rate is based on your family income, that is, your income and that of your spouse, where applicable.

To claim the tax credit, you must:

  • meet the eligibility requirements
  • file your income tax return and complete Schedule C

Inform yourself about “The Advance Payments of the Refundable Tax Credit”for daycare expenses. We will also provide you with a Brochure to accompany the Park Place registration forms.

Heures d'ouvertures

​Lundi - Vendredi

6h30 - 18h00

Monday - Friday

Opening Hours

The operating hours of Park Place Daycare are:
Monday to Friday: 6:30 am to 6:00 pm

10 hours / day maximum

$ 44.00 / day   5 days      18 months and older
$ 46.00 / day   3 days      18 months and older

$ 46.00 / day   5 days      18 months and younger
$ 48.00 / day   3 days      18 months and younger

Transitional and Temporary Service Available:

$ 14 / hr

Please note that fees are subject to change yearly on January 1st.

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