"feels like home"

We believe that Parents are the most Significant Adults in a child's life. Our educators collaborate with parents to create a learning and development strategy for each child that blends cohesively with their home life.

​We are proud of the partnerships we establish with our Park Place families

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"What can I say, this daycare is

amazing!!! Wonderful experienced staff.

Lots of activities for the kiddies and they get outside everyday.  My daughter loves it.

Jennifer is always available for any questions/concerns.  They were fantastic during my daughter's transition from home to daycare. Turns out it was harder for mom!

Truly a "daycare family". Highly recommend. Our second daughter will be

attending next year. : )"

 "...an exemplary secure and stimulating environment for young children."

and our communities that contribute to the development of kind, confident and capable children who are enthusiastic about themselves and the people and the world around them.

A dedicated partnership between
parents and educators
for the success
of your child 

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"...Good indoor activities; this helped my daughter learn good skills, better manners..."


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"When my son and I

went to see what Park Place had to offer,

we walked into a class where the children were captivated

by their instructor, in the middle of a science lesson. They were

doing an experiment about how many drops of water would fit on the surface of a penny. You would be surprised as to how many drops of water would fit on the surface of a penny...Every day he literally runs into the daycare and either gives Jennifer a hug or runs to play with the cars and trains. Jennifer usually greets him with a hug and breakfast. He plays, he sings and dances, listens to stories, does art projects and while he plays he is learning his colors, shapes, numbers and letters. Everyday Liam's caregiver writes down in his agenda, what he did, what he ate, and his temperament, so we know all

about his day. When I pick him up at 5pm, he is happy and

it is not unusual to find him reading a book. 

Sometimes he is reading to his classmates."

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Parents' Testimonials
  • In-house Chef.

  • Rotating seasonal menu that includes fresh fruits & vegetables from the market.

  • Parent consultation.

  • Allergies are accommodated.

  • ​Good nutrition incorporated into the curriculum.

  • Breakfast served daily from 6:30am to 8:30am. 

"My family lives two provinces

away, so childcare was a must for me.

I desired to only work part- time so I could still

spend much time with my 2-year-old daughter, but found it almost impossible to find a daycare that would accept her part-time. I was getting desperate and worried, until a friend of mine recommended Park Place, which accepted "part-timers". I was new to the whole "daycare" concept and a bit worried about how it would affect my daughter, but upon the first meeting with Jennifer Park, I felt comforted as she sat down with me warmly and explained to me all about the concepts,

policies and ways 

of Park Place.... 

"...We appreciate the flexibility, creativity, outings and, of course, dance class..."

...Jennifer was open to

my questions and always reassured me

I could drop by anytime.... They were always very accommodating to my sometimes-shifting work schedule, which can often put a single-parent in a real bind.  Somehow, they always found a place for my daughter. I am also a teacher of young children and liked their philosophies of "teaching through playing" within their policies.  I like that they are both educational and family-oriented in their approach. And anytime I feel the challenges of parenthood learning about my ever-evolving daughter,

I always find a listening ear and helpful

advice at Park Place."

"This daycare is amazing!

The entire staff is kind and helpful

even if your child is not in their group. It really does feel like family.  My son has been attending for a year and I am very impressed with everything he is learning.  Thank you Park Place for providing a safe, educational and loving environment!"

"My son went to Park Place for

over 2 years and I have only good things to say about it. The staff was incredible and loved the children.  I always felt safe leaving him there.
My son still talks about this daycare and about the activities he was doing there and sings lots of songs he learned there."

Garderie Park Place