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​Evolving Our Parent Communications


The Summer of 2018 brought a new and exciting dimension to early childhood education at Park Place.

It is successfully complementing the depth of our curriculum and activities.  

We look forward to welcoming your little ones to join our Park Place babies, toddlers or preschool & Pre-K children.
Contact us for more information and to register your child.




Garderie Park Place is offering free reading evaluations for our children preparing to enter kindergarten.  

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To keep parents effectively updated, we are implementing an Electronic Agenda to complement our existing private Facebook pages for each classroom that have long been a welcome communication resource for our parents.
With current strict directives for daycares in Quebec, it allows us to have good ongoing communications and connections with our Park Place families in a new way.  Once filled out with an update regarding their child, it sends an email to the parents and then parents can respond directly to the Educator.

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Please, visit our Facebook page as well  for our special events, community service activities, and other interesting or important Park Place updates.


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​​​We have been working with our Park Place parents in these challenging times to follow Quebec health directives during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are advancing our activities as directives permit and recommend.  The safety of our children and staff will always be our priority.

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​Health Directives at Park Place 


We look forward

to providing opportunities

for our Park Place children

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in their learning success.

​​​​​We have developed a friendly and safe process to welcome our Park Place children each day.  As parents arrive with their children, our staff is ready to greet each child with warmth and enthusiasm and escort them to their classroom.  The process is reversed when parents return in the evening to collect their child.  The goal is to make the child’s transition from home to daycare and then daycare to home, a joyful one for children and a peaceful one for parents.



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LaPlace 0-5.comis now set up to be the centralized registration waiting list gateway for all recognized daycares in Quebec.



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This distinct addition to our educational programs brings the love of nature to our children's daily lives. 

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