• The children's enjoyment of the outdoor classroom encourages their movement and increases their physical development and capabilities.  It helps to set up patterns for an active, healthy lifestyle.​​

  • Technology is changing the way children learn, making it all ​the more important to get them acquainted with nature.  The Outdoor Classroom adds to the quality of the curriculum and it adds to the children's excitement for learning.

The Outdoor Classroom

and Garden Project will teach the children the importance of nature by giving them the responsibility of caring for a garden and trees while having fun along with the educators guiding them.

The benefits

We will continue to work with

our community partners in learning and development to help our children with special needs thrive with the innovative learning and development opportunities of

our Outdoor Classroom

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Garderie Park Place

​​With successful models to study in the Scandinavian countries, the Outdoor Classroomis part of a growing trend in developed countries around the world and in Canada.  The outdoors is seen as an obvious and natural classroom for children who are learning everywhere and all the time.

  • While the characteristics of Outdoor Classrooms can vary dramatically across the country and around the world, the benefits of bringing children outdoors to learn are the same. Physically active learning involves hands-on, multi-sensory learning. When the body moves, the brain is activated.
The Outdoor Classroom
& Garden Project

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  • With all the activities and activity stations, the children are drawn to move around, and that breaks up the boredom and creates more positive social interactions for classroom harmony and happy children. 

Building the outdoors into the curriculum for harmony and balance between indoor learning in the classroom  and outdoor learning in the natural environment.

Garderie Park Place

Each Outdoor Classroom is different in layout, based on the existing conditions of the location and design choices.  It becomes a basic educational resource just like a library or computer room. 

Teaching and learning are served best when an outdoor classroom is uniquely designed for the needs of the particular organization.

Goals of the Outdoor Classroom

Building the outdoors into

the curriculum for harmony and balance between indoor learning in the classroom  and outdoor learning in the natural environment will increase the potential for healthy development and inspired learning for

our Park Place children.

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What is an Outdoor Classroom?

The specialized design

of our Outdoor Classroom, 

inaugurated in 2018, 

will continue to evolve

with natural elements, interactive play areas, learning stations and teaching tools to inspire our children to Explore and Engage their imagination

in a meaningful way.


The Outdoor Classroomhas a common set of areas and elements developed with input from the educators and design professionals to maximize the opportunity for hands on teaching and learning.


"Our goal is to instill the enjoyment
of life-long learning,
to build kindness and character,
and to encourage good citizenship
and  the love of nature."

- Jennifer Park -

The new model

of the Outdoor Classroom being developed at Garderie Park Place will enhance the best teaching methods in Early Childhood Education to allow for many different learning opportunities while providing the children with the freedom to be creative and allowing

for natural exploration to add to

their development potential.

With the collaboration of our educators and

community-based planning and design 

professionals, GRAME  (Groupe de

recherche appliquée en macroécologie)

and SOVERDI  (La Société de verdissement

du Montréal métropolitain),  our urban

playground has been transformed

with a unique design to benefit all of

our Park Place children from our infants

and toddlers to our preschool and pre-k aged children.

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​​A broader variety of learning experiences and opportunities helps children refine the mastery of the skills associated with the 5 key dimensions of development - physical & motor, cognitive, emotional, social & moral and language - for healthy development and success as they transition to the school environment.  

  • The Outdoor Classroom and the Garden Project add a whole new dimension to early childhood education, and will build stewardship skills for the environment as the love of nature will be brought to our children’s  daily lives .

​The Outdoor Classroom is an interactive place of discovery, providing the opportunity to engage with all curriculum areas. It provides a living laboratory for year-round full-class and small group instruction. ​